Established over a century ago.

Bonci Panbriacone Cake


Panbriacone, translated is the ‘drunk cake’. It is literally a panettone senza canditi, with no candied fruit, thats been soused in Vin Santo and Passito, and those lovely Bonci bakers don’t hold back. Great to top off Easter with a little bit of decadence!




Naturally leavened baked cake with selected raisins and soaked in alcoholic syrup with sweet dessert wines.

The 120g cake is a Vin Santo Panettone classic or chocolate. Riccardo and Massimiliano, 2 genius brothers from Tuscany, will delight you with their version of the traditional recipe. They make the small panettone and soak it in Vin Santo, Tuscany’s famous dessert wine, which plumps up the raisins and makes a gorgeously moist and alcoholic cake.

The little handmade artisan panettoni takes 36 hours to make from their 80 year old mothers’ yeast. All the bakery’s flour is from organic grain and they use organic milk, butter and eggs, a pedigree Tuscan Chianti DOC Vin Santo and local honey to make Seggiano Classic/chocolate Nin Santo Panettone.

Prepare yourself for some serious pleasure…

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