Established over a century ago.

Edinburgh Gin’s Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur 50cl


Great on the rocks, with tonic or soda, but brilliant with champagne or prosecco where the sweetness of the Elderflower marries so well with the dryness of the wine

BUY 2 FOR £35 (£17.50 EACH) 

Why not mix and match with the Elderflower Gin?

BUY 2 FOR £35 (£17.50 EACH) The same offer also applies to the Elderflower Gin!


This Award Winning warming liqueur gin is infused with pure rhubarb and ginger, and is a deliciously sweet drink with a tart twist, zesty in aroma and spicy to taste.

Produced in small batches and packed full of the finest juniper berries, Edinburgh Gin delivers superior distilling expertise with a refreshingly Scottish turn