Established over a century ago.

Foxdenton’s Liqueur Gift Sets (4x5cl)


Four different flavours of fruit gin for the gin lover in your life. One each of Raspberry, Damson, Rhubarb and Plum.





20 in stock (can be backordered)



Foxdenton Estate was founded in 1935 by Major Charles Radclyffe, soldier & all round Edwardian adventurer, who saw action in the Boer War and WW1. Charles was an avid sportsman, his persuit of which led him to be twice shipwrecked. A true country gentleman and a keen participant of field sports, the major continued a family tradition of making fruit liqueurs at home for friends who accompanied him on hunting and shooting trips. A man of unusual passions he was tattoed with the entire family coat of arms on his chest. In founding the company he aimed to preserve a small piece of the English countryside he loved so much.

Today Foxdenton is run by his son Nick and great grandsons, Piers and Charles.