Established over a century ago.

Fresh! Pesto Genovese Rossi


Excellent extra virgin olive oil and Sicilian sea salt from Trapani bring all the ingredients together in a pale green emulsion where the color is a sign of perfectly balanced ingredients (not too much basil, nor cheese…)

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Pesto alla Genovese – when it’s done right it’s one of life’s simple and most perfect pleasures. Pesto alla Genovese is also a benchmark of Italian cuisine, against which our producer Roberto Panizza has out-measured himself. What are Roberto’s secrets? Practice, practice, practice and an immense curiosity and passion for the ingredients of his birthplace region, Liguria.

Roberto is so passioned about all things pesto he founded the first World Pesto Championship – bringing in medals year after year.

Roberto’s recipe is ultra traditional and rooted in the annals of Ligurian cookbooks, but don’t think you can reproduce the poetry of this exceptional pesto just like that – Roberto sources ingredients for his pesto alla genovese with maniacal attention, a jar of Roberto’s pesto is a concentrate of unique, painstakingly selected ingredients:

• DOP genovese basil from Liguria, void of that mint fragrance we have become used to but that has nothing to do with the original pesto basil.

• Slow Food protected garlic from the Ligurian village of Vessalico – renowned for its delicate, slightly spicy flavor and high digestibility

• REAL Italian pine nuts – no stale, imported imitations – the real thing! And Italian Extra virgin olive oil

• 24 months aged DOP Parmigiano Reggiano

• 12 months aged DOP Fiore Sardo Pecorino

A real concentrate of Mediterranean flavor, Pesto Rossi is just like your genovese grandmother would make it!