Established over a century ago.

Salar Flaky Smoked Salmon (150g)


Oak Roasted Flaky Salmon has been handcrafted in South Uist in the Outer Hebrides since 1997. It has its own deliciously unique flavour and texture, roasted over oak smoke.


Salar Smokehouse started out as a small business in 1987 on the Island of South Uist – a gem in the Hebridean archipelago, where the Gaelic culture and community are still strong, and the language is widely spoken.
Jane and Eric Twelves were fish farmers who diversified into smoking salmon. Their first smoker was a biscuit tin, which Jane fired up on their cooker top in Lochcarnan, the result, Salar Flaky Smoked Salmon was a novel food product, which was an instant hit with their friends and family. The biscuit tin got bigger until Eric eventually designed and commissioned a stainless-steel kiln that was hand built on the Island.
The design remains a secret known only to a selected few.
Launched at the BBC good food show in 1997, Salar Flaky Smoked Salmon quickly began to win food awards and continues to do so to the present date.
Today we’ve returned to Jane and Eric’s core values, with a back to basics approach. The results are wonderful. The distinctive flavour and texture of our Flaky Smoked Salmon is different to all others, due to that unique kiln!

Salar recently won two Awards at the Highlands and Islands food and drink awards, “Best new Business” and  “Young Shining star” award for Donald the head smoker, we were also highly commended at the Great British Food Awards, our Hot smoked products also won three Great Taste Gold awards in 2017.