Established over a century ago.

Haughton’s Local Wildflower Honey (340g)


Raw Local Honey

Straight from the hive, never pasteurised. Amazingly sweet and delicious. I have it on my cereal every day!


Full of natural enzymes and protein that make it so special. Cold extracted and course filtered ensuring all of natures goodness is kept intact.

Great on toast and crumpets, but also add to casseroles, sauces and dressings. A healthy substitute for sugar in your drinks and cereals. Also believed to be a natural remedy for hay-fever, allergies, skin irritations and burns.

100% pure and raw English Wildflower the honey contains traces of dandelion, lime, chestnut, blackberry, clover and the nectar from other wildflowers collected throughout Spring and Summer.

I have it every morning with my cereal, fruit and Greek yoghurt. Absolutely delicious and sets me up for the day!