Established over a century ago.

Bronze Free Range Turkey


Bronze Free-Range Hen Turkeys at £13.25/Kg (£6.01/lb) – 10lbs (any weight upwards to around 20lbs)

These free range birds are fed on natural ingredients on an open paddock farm and presented within re-usable refrigerated carry boxes, and accompanied by a useful thermometer gauge to tell you that the bird is cooked perfectly, and an informative recipe leaflet. Unlike most turkeys, they always cook with a moist texture.




Bronze Free Range Turkeys roam on lush Cheshire grass during the day and are safely tucked up in their barns at night to protect them from any predators. Whilst outside they behave naturally, foraging for food and using sand baths to keep their feathers dry and clean.

Bronze Free-Range Hen Turkeys at £13.25/Kg (£6.01/lb) – from 10lbs (any weight upwards to around 20lbs). Heavier weights by request


Additional information

Weight 10 kg

10lbs, 12lbs, 14lbs, 16lbs, 18lbs

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